About Us

Acupuncture is a recognised international modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine which currently is growing in strength within the scientific evidence based practices of the Western World. A Chinese Medicine practitioner in Australia is required by law to be registered with the CMBA (Chinese Medical Board of Australia) and AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) and a member of their chosen association. This ensures an Acupuncturist in Australia is a professional individual with years of training and centuries of history in health principles behind them.

Sandra Phanthapangna

Sandra Phanthapangna is a Chinese Medicine practitioner and the founder of Acumend, with a history of working within the Western Medicine realm of Radiotherapy and community care.

Sandra is compassionate, has lived overseas and understands cultural differences and expectations.

Holding both a diploma of applied Science in Radiotherapy and a Bachelor of Science in Acupuncture, she understands anatomy, physiology and the concepts within both Western and Eastern practices of health and healing.

Sandra is passionate, professional and dedicated to her patients, family and friends as she incorporates the concept of holistic health into her own life while educating, treating and promoting Acupuncture within the community.

Why does a previous Radiation Therapist go on to study Chinese Medicne?

A serious car accident in her twenties lead her to discover Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture as a desperate attempt to help the major health problem at hand. From that very first treatment she knew this would impact her life and many years later decided to study the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Becoming a Practitioner herself she focuses on those within the community as her own positive experiences over the years with TCM guided and evolved into a love of TCM theories and strategies for health and wellbeing.

A dedicated, compassionate practitioner who takes time to listen to the individual patient, understands their needs and implements treatment strategies that are realistic, positive and effective to the best of her ability.

How We Develop Treatment Plans

Within Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theories the concept of health can be likened to a healthy tree or plant system involving roots and branches. 

Without a healthy root system, adequate nutrients and positive environmental factors you cannot have a healthy tree growing in the yard. 

When we apply this concept to the human body, health and wellness occurs when the body is nourished adequately, Qi and Blood flows smoothly, emotions are settled and physical and environmental factors are conducive to the individual's needs. 

This concept is holistic medicine at its finest and can be a very effective approach to health and wellness for those who seek individual natural approaches.

TCM is an ancient holistic health care system which focuses on balancing the whole human body.

To determine the appropriate treatment strategy. We take time to get to know and understand our patient, focus on the signs, symptoms and any underlying imbalances that may have contributed to the problem or condition that is evident.

At Acumend our individualised treatment plans are unique to each patient and created via diagnostic techniques that include:

  • Observation: looking at body / tongue
  • Questioning: current health / family history
  • Palpation: gentle touch / pulse
  • Listening: voice / sounds