Gua Sha

Gua Sha (Channel Scrubbing) is one of the common therapeutic techniques frequently used in Chinese Medicine. Gua Sha is performed by rubbing a tool against the skin along meridians which causes reddening or sha to form. The sha helps increase the micro perfusion (surface circulation of blood). The increase in surface circulation of blood can assist in the healing process.

In Chinese Medicine, the stagnation of Qi, Blood and toxins are often the cause of stiffness, sharp or dull pain and lack of movement in the shoulders, neck and limbs. 

Gua Sha (Channel scrubbing) moves stagnant Qi and Blood in the Meridians and muscles.

Scrapping the skin repeatedly can activate the pores and blood circulation around the targeted Meridians.

The main objective of Gua Sha is to strengthen the overall regulation and control function of the meridians and increase the body’s health. It can therefore be used to strengthen the body’s constitution and play a role in the maintenance of health.

Gua Sha can be applied to various regions of the body including limbs, neck and back. The act of scrubbing the Meridians may provide relief from pain and stiffness.

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